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6 ways to create great video content

You only have to look at news websites traditionally known for print media, such as The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph who are making all of their headline news stories using video content to realise video is best way of communicating online. If you click on a headline and you don’t get video content, you won’t get the experience you expected and you will inevitably hunt it down elsewhere!

Nearly every marketing survey about online content consumption talks of the explosion of video content in the last 12 months and the predictions are that video consumption will only increase in the future, largely due to the fact everyone has a smart phone and wi-fi is now everywhere.  In fact one PR company Director I talked to recently, said that 80% of the work they are creating was video for websites and they were using ex-BBC presenters to present it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.22.06What does this mean for the corporate websites? It’s about creating newsworthy stories for websites, rather than traditional ‘sales’ videos. No one wants to go on to a website and see a video trying to sell you something unless they are specifically looking for that product and want to know more about it. Take financial update reports for example. A quick 2 minutes from a fund manager giving an overview of the fund’s performance that quarter, is indeed a great news story and directed at a specific market who need the latest information fast. There is no one else that could produce this content  – so it’s exclusive and therefore drives traffic.

So what else can businesses do to create ‘newsworthy’ content for their websites, I believe there are a lot of missed opportunities – and it comes down to creating informative news stories in our ‘information age’, rather than sales videos that turn everyone off.  Here are 6 easy to produce ideas that might be worth some thought…

1. Event content. If you hold events with key dignitaries why not get them on camera? We are currently working on a TED style conference with 12 key speakers in their field. Each speaker will provide a key piece of video, which will keep various websites busy for 12 weeks! Why not think the next time you hold an event, about grabbing some content around it?

2. Trends in your sector. What are the trends in your industry? Have you got anything to say about them? Have a look in an industrial rag like Construction News, World Oil, Marketing Week for example and make a related comment on video. For example if there is a news story about the melting ice cap and you are an investor in an ethical fund management company, why not make a comment bout it and post it on your blog? (This will be great for your Google ranking if you can use the key word that everyone is talking about.


Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.42.043. Expertise. What about making a video about an area of expertise? People are searching the internet looking for information related to the thing you talk about every day. These days it’s all about sharing that knowledge on a regular basis. Look at Richard Branson for example. He regularly updates his Virgin website with very small nuggets of inspiration about being an entrepreneur. They are shot casually, without a script, such is his style, but because they are from him they are inspiring and only serve to credit his reputation and drive traffic to his website.Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.16.13

4. Product Insight. Can you show how your product is made?  I recently needed a pair of running shoes for example, to help me run with badly bruised feet bruised feet (from over doing it). I thought i was going to have to give up running all together It When I found a video that showed a bunch of old guys who had set up a running shoe company, to help with the exactly the same problem, it made me buy the product and at a premium price!

5. Exclusive / Behind the scenes content What does it take to do what you do?  Take a photo shoot for example. Alot of people imagine it s glamorous occupation and dream of doing it so as piece of escapism why not put them in the place? It is also a great chance to be able to show Viewers love getting a ‘behind the scenes’ account of the experience. This, too, is like a learning exercise for the viewer – something where they are getting a first hand account of that they can take away with them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.24.34

6. How to video’s. Nowadays it’s all about ‘Googling it’ if you need to find out how to do something. From buying shares to learning to code, you can find a video that can show you how to do it. Why not get an expert to make a videos showing how to do something using your product?

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If you do need any advice about what kind of content to produce for your site, please do give me a call and I would love to discuss further: 07973 962926 or email:

And finally, what about producing this content? And that’s of course where we come in. The old style corporate video production companies who require several people to do the job, are really a thing of the past unless you are producing an old fashioned sales video. We are Film-makers / Cameraman / Editors who can be booked at moment’s notice, for jobs anywhere in the world and can turnaround an edit straight after a shoot.


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