How to do the perfect piece to camera…

Above: Ok they’re actors, and there are two of them and they have an Autocue,  but this is a great video to watch for how to do a perfect piece to camera. They have great energy and they bounce of each other. It makes the whole thing very engaging and that’s largely because they come across as natural but in fact they are putting on a well rehearsed act.

I have filmed many people trying to talk straight to camera and if you’re not used to it there are a few things to think about before you start:

1. Stand up! When doing a piece to camera standing up works much better. It looks more immediate and really helps the energy levels. It also means you can use your voice more. Sitting down just doesn’t have the same effect.

2. Over do it! Only a small percentage of what people watch on screen is taken in! That means you need to work harder than usual to get people’s attention. One sure fire way of that not happening is by being

3. Keep your eyes looking to camera. And don’t look down! There said it! If you look away, or especially to the gorund it is very distracting! Even if your eyes move!

4. Check out how the pro’s do it. Mannerisms, energy levels, smiling – all these things are what a pro thinks about before doing a piece to camera. Anews reader for eg, is a great start – they have to use the right pitch and level for everything they do.

5. Don’t try to read a piece of paper with bullet points, or memorise long chunks of text – unless you have an autocue.

Good luck and if you would like a quick chat before going infront of the camera please do give me a call!  James +44 (0)7973 962926

James Ward
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