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JWP is a full service video production agency based in London. We create branded video content and supply camera crews for a variety of businesses and production companies. We work closely with our clients, providing a unique look to every brief. We have worked in the industry for 20 years and have supplied camera crew for the BBC and created product launch films and events films from around the globe. We have live streamed fashion shows from Paris and provided a complete ‘online TV’ website packages. We are a multi disciplinary media agency capable of the most


We use FCPX and Adobe Creative Suite and often edit on location for fast turnaround work

Video production

From idea to fully graded film, we create the entire film in house with our unique, customary style

Camera crew

Self shooting cameramen, who shoot and direct on a range of cameras and currently using the Sony FS7 as a house camera

Live streaming

We have live streamed from all overt the globe, covering fashion shows arts programmes and conferences